How we do what we do

Unlike Corporate Social Responsibility governed by laws, individuals are driven by their own desire to change the world. We call that ‘Personal Social Responsibility’ or PSR. To strengthen your PSR, we make giving convenient.

  • Donate INR 10 every day, payable as a one-time yearly donation of INR 3650, or a half-yearly donation of INR 1825. Click here for details. Commit to recurring donations, to build a habit of generosity.
  • We dedicate your donations to causes our partner organizations work on. In effect, you’re fulfilling your Personal Social Responsibility through us.
  • We are big on creating a fulfilling experience for everyone. Join us in interacting with our partners, supporters, and the children we serve.

Starting the PSR movement early

Habits are strongest when built early. Thus, we invoke children’s Personal Social Responsibility in ways that allow them to have fun, while impacting a cause. Sensitive, empathetic citizenship is what we seek to inspire.

  • In Sept 2014, we conducted a ‘Kids Carnival’ put together entirely by children, to raise funds for life saving surgeries of 3 children.
  • In Dec 2014 we launched the ‘Gift a Light Campaign’ where children raised funds by baking cookies and selling handmade art pieces, to provide solar lamps to Grade 10 students of rural govt. high schools.

How do we measure the impact of our work?

Sometimes the impact is prevention of a negative outcome, like the number of children saved from potential abuse. Sometimes it’s not quantifiable, like improvement in self-esteem.

Though we use metrics to assess the impact of our contribution, we also believe in staying connected.  We constantly engage with our partners to ensure real impact, as opposed to a one time intervention.

Here’s how Powers of 10 is working on the ground

  • 61 million children in India are underweight, and 2000 die every day due to malnutrition. To provide better nutrition for children in the age group of 0-3, Powers of 10 supported SNEHA, an organization that works on women and child health in the slums of Mumbai, India. (May 2014)
  • We supported Impact India Foundation’s anemia prevention program, in the tribal regions of Palghar, Maharashtra. Being an invisible condition, anemia goes unnoticed. But it results in low energy, fatigue, low cognitive abilities and even has a multigenerational impact. (Aug 2015)
  • 1 in 3 children in India is sexually abused. 40% of sex trafficking cases involve children. To curb the extent of this problem, Powers of 10 conducted several awareness training programs for teachers of different NGOs, in partnership with Enfold Proactive Trust, Bangalore.